Resiliant Violet Light

resiliant violet light

Resiliant Violet Light



Resilient Violet Light Siddha Medicine Awakens the Anointed One to the Lineage of the Light Being that Sits at the Right Hand of GOD: Kakabushhananda Aka Maha-Rishi & Maha-Vishnu. This Siddha Medicine Guided the anointed One who engages in research to understand and experience (and therefore know) Nature and its Governing Laws.

How to Apply

Anoint with a small drop anywhere on the skin by following your guidance. External use only.

Weight: 0.0073kg

Dimensions: 3.81 x 1.27 x 3.81cm

Liquid: 2mL

Additional information

Weight 0.0073 kg
Dimensions 3.81 × 1.27 × 3.81 cm