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Forgiveness is freedom that awakens from expressing courage. This plasma is an awakening, resulting in freedom from the past. It increases self confidence and reduces physical symptoms of stress. It heals deep emotional injury and calls one’s energy back to the self. In Forgiveness, one experiences the Journey of the Shaman as one witnesses accelerated change. As one forgives, there is a call to one’s Spirit energy to come home. Forgiveness calls in the Truth-to-be-Understood from what one witnesses.  Love readies one to change the world by changing one’s mind. It opens the heart to more Love-Love-Love. Forgiveness is a Gift we give ourselves. Forgiveness dissolves the constraining energy of negative emotions.

How to Apply

Anoint with a small drop on the heart center, throat, forehead or top of the head.

Weight: 0.0085kg

Dimensions: 4.445 x 1.905 x 4.445cm

Liquid: 2mL

Additional information

Weight 0.0085 kg
Dimensions 4.445 × 1.905 × 4.445 cm